Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Series

At May Ubisoft will release Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands.

…look, I won’t expect anything from this game, but I got the old hype back. I’ve got several models of the trilogy I ripped six months back which scream for being ported to the GMOD. Tried it out myself, but I got lazy,and it really wasn’t in my competence to port stuff.

If someone up for this? I will reupload all the recent models I ripped long ago, and you guys can have your fun with it. I just want to have some lulz with the Prince and WW-Enemies Models. Will take some time though, I have issues with my RAM recently.

Finally, it took me ages to upload it ;_;

I seperated the models into Main Chars, Enemies and Weapons. In each they are seperated from each Game. Some may happen to look fragmented or screwed up, but Mario told me, they are comeplete, it’s just a light issue which can be fixed on the Gmod.

So, have the models:

Damn… All OBJ files and TGA.
I was hoping for that epic Dahaka.

Sorry, didn’t managed to do the ususal procedure.
I am an epic fail guy in those kind of things, that’s why I busted it…
but still, they can still be ported. I have put them each in a 3dmax8 file with the materials(meaning the textures) on them. They just need their rendering and resize and stuff.

Sorry for double posting, but I really want the models.

Couldn’t someone rig the .obj files of Warrior Within to portable models atleast?

Last time bump.
Whoever still has issues with the given .obj, I made a tutorial how to rip the models:!!!!1.rar

Bump again.

Look, I am going as far that I am going to pay the next guy who will port it. Money, GoGs, steam gifts, I don’t care really.

yeah, i’mma go ahead and call Time of Death on this one.
puts away the defib.

Wait, it’s still alive…

Well my model of the next gen prince fucked up, literaly.
But i will make a try with this ones

Mmm is this alive?

Damn, I hope this gets done, the models are so awesome.