Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trilogy

let’s have another request thread,shall we?

This contains the NPC, Enemiy and weapon models of the Prince of Persia(SoT/WW/T2T) games.Texture,objects and mesh files are all in there.
Anyone who wants to see examples can look here:

Anyone who likes the games so much to port them to source, please do so.
Some models are not there, for example the Babylonian Citizen/Guards, Kaileena Model of T2T, Shahrahman of T2T such as the uncorrupted Persian soldier because they are in the map archives. I also noticed the WW-treasure model and savepoint fountain went lost. If you want them aswel along the maps and other items, just ask.

You made me wanna play through the games again.
Okay maybe that was the movie, but still, would be interesting to see this and maybe the weapons from Warrior Within as well.

Seems like we both are the only people at facepunch who love the (old) series 8(

Or you just haven’t waited long enough.
Usually it takes about a week to get replies in.
Keep waiting, if it’s been a week and nothing, find a way to bump creatively.
If nothing after 3 weeks of single bumps per week, then it’s dead, no one cares.

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Am I doin’ it rite nao?

Can you post this model? It look so manly

someone must put them to gmod and will be faceposeable i will be cool for comics i am also a big fan of pop


Doesn’t matter, found em

can u do reupload?

Can you re-upload it to mediafire please?

Dude, this thread has been dead for 2 years (excluding the post immediately before yours). I doubt they’ll reupload it.