I am having an error with my server. Whenever I add a tool, for instance, the precision tool, I get a tool in my toolbar named PRINT NAME. I am running DarkRP. I have updated the stools from Garry’s Github Repo because I thought that would fix it. However, it does not. I would like to know if anyone has seen something like this before and a potential fix that does not include just removing the addon because I would really enjoy having these addons for my players and I.

You could have hit the lua file limit. Do you have a lot of addons or heavy addons?

The thing is, I can add other addons. It seems to mostly be addons that have a Tool

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I have checked the amount of lua files I have in my addons and I have 957 of them.

Sounds like the base file for the toolgun is broken (unless I’m reading wrong). Is every tool like that?

I am only able to use the tools I have added, the base sandbox tool disappear when I add the Toolgun. They then turn into PRINT NAME along with a couple other DarkRP things, for instance, arrest baton and unarrest baton.

I find this very strange because I have not seen this while in testing before, nor have I found it from searching for a solution.

Did you edit any base files of the gamemode?

I did not edit any base files of the gamemode. I already know not to toy around with the base files of base, sandbox and/or darkrp. The only thing I did and this was after I started receiving the PRINT NAME, was I downloaded the sandbox stools from the Garry’s Mod Repo on github and replacing the ones in the server with those, hoping that would help in someway.


Similar to your problem, best I could find.

We have this problem on our server when there are 50+ players online. Sometimes, when a new player joins, he will have PRINT NAMEs instead of his weapons. If we strip all his weapons and give them back, or just respawn him, his weapons go back to normal. So this happens only one time for one player, when he has just connected. Like weapon data hasn’t been loaded yet on his client when he receives weapons or something.

After the replies does sound like a buffer overflow of some sort. I could be wrong. Any abnormal stress on the server? Any issues in the server console/logs on mount?

This happens no matter when a player gets striped or dies and receives their weapon again. It constantly has the PRINT NAME. I have been looking in server console and client console to find any errors that stick out but at no luck.

What does the usage look like on the server? If you’re running at 100% or close on ram that would probably be your issue

I never get above 40% on RAM usage, I usually run around ~26% and for my CPU usage it never goes above 18% and normally stays below ~10%.

And have you also tried a fresh install on your base files mainly your /gamemode?

I could try uploading a new darkrp and possibly sandbox.

And if that doesn’t work it could be an addon causing it. Slightly unlikely but it’s the only other thing I could think of. You could do the age old trick; remove half of the addons and see if that still happens and if it does split that half of addons in half and so on until you narrow it down to the problematic one

I tried the fresh install of the gamemode and that did not help. I am going to do the remove half of addons.

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I guessed the one addon that I have never removed when thinking of removing the addons. I removed stacker and all the tools work, lol. I am going to see if Stacker has a Github and get it from there instead of extracting it which may have been the error.

If you used gmad for your stacker tool that would have probably caused the issue. For some reason I never have luck extracting tools. Always cause problems. Glad you got it fixed, sorry I didn’t figure it out sooner. Addons were my first thought

well I sort of have my problems fixed, but now as soons as I fixed that, I get an error when I try to search. But I will probably make that into a different thread later.
By the way, I am using gmad as my extractor, but not the super crappy gui one, I am using Garry’s command line one.