Print name shows up on every SWEP

So a server I play on (dark rp) has a bug where every SWEP except grav/phys gun says “print name” and no one can seem to find a fix if anyone could help that would be awesome :slight_smile:
BTW the server runs m9k if that is any help.

Without screenshots and/or a list of addons, cant really do much

I dont have screenshots but here are the addons

I will look into this for you, but I really need some screenshots for this. So I know what I’m dealing with, so if you can provide that I will see what I can do.

K so i got some screenshots
also i found out it tehns to happen to the gun/black market/drug dealers but stays when you die or switch jobs. It also just started recently.

Do you have a ton of addons?

Try remove 50% of them that don’t affect the server too much and start it, if PRINT NAME goes away it’s because you’ve hit the LUA file limit.

Slowly add them back one by one (or slightly more) until PRINT NAME comes back (restarting between each addon restore) then you know your limit.

From there cut away the stuff that’s not major/important and monitor it going forward.