printer holder

Anyone know how to use a gmod prop as a printer holder/carrier?I´ve seen it before in darkrp servers but i have no idea how to do it.

now how do i add it as a buyable entiety?

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and thats not a printer carrier what i mean by printer carrier is when they use a prop,somehow script it to when u go close with the printers on them the printers get inside the prop and than u press E for them to come out, thats just a fridge prop.

stack 3 phx 1x1 hollow squares on top of each other then weld a 1x1 metal plate to either end, this forms a perfectly sized compartment for the most common printer models
all this stuff is in the standard spawn lists so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding it

alternatively you could use a pair of hemispheres to hold larger printers, they are often banned though because you can use them to crash servers

edit: if you know the basics of wiremod a wire grabber will sometimes work depending on the server settings