Printers getting removed when ANY player leaves

So I’ve made my own custom printers. Problem is, if I spawn one, (I’m sure I’m the owner of it), if ANY player leaves, my printer is removed with them.


I’ve tested by spawning a printer, spawning a bot, then kicking the bot. Bam, as soon as the bot leaves, my printer is removed.
I’ve also tested with real players, same result.

Any ideas as to why?

Thanks for any help in advance!

 net.Receive( "destroyNow", function()
                local MoneyPos = self:LocalToWorld(self:OBBCenter())
                DarkRP.createMoneyBag(Vector(MoneyPos.x, MoneyPos.y, MoneyPos.z + 5), HOOPLA2.MoneyPrinter2.MoneyOnDestruct)

doesnt this mean every money printer will receive that net message, rather than the ones owned by a player?

That can’t be it, otherwise when a player leaves, money would be left where the printer was.

Any other ideas?

-Bad reading-

Mind giving a quick rundown as to how you are deleting printers when players disconnect. I’m trying to read through this code but if it’s not my own, I can get a bit lost. If you explain how you do it then might be able to narrow it down.

(Don’t have to mind, can always wait for someone else to reply who doesn’t have the flu today.)

I believe that if the owner of the entity (the one who bought it) is no longer online, the printer will be owned by ‘disconnected’. Then, DarkRP will cleanup all entities that are owned by ‘disconnected’. However, the owner is still online, just a different player left.

Is it deleting all money printers from the server, or just some random person?