Priority of updates

I am very interested in the priority of updates in Garry’s mod and I cannot understand this algorithm, when everyone asks for x64 or chromium update, then Garry’s mod receives only minor fixes and adds. Wouldn’t it be easier to focus on a big update like a chronium?

And in general, is there any kind of plan for updates? Can I say things like “The x64 update will definitely be released before 2021”?


you mean chromium?

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I mean chromium

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Official Gmod Trello:


It’s actually cool, but I still can’t understand why x64 branch in major goals and not yet finished. How long can this task be in the plans?

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The developer working on x64 (Willox) left facepunch before finishing it, afaik code_gs is planning on picking it up eventually but is currently working on the new ILuaBase among other things.

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Someday, someday. :call_me_hand:

If you really want chromium just use the beta, why forcing people to use this version lol.

Unfortunately there are some problems due to the non update of chromium, for example I cannot put new videos, there will always be an error. And because of this many cinema servers were closed. Now I have no one
to make a party.