"Pripyat, 1996" and...


Hi guys


The first one is pretty sweet. Is that a scenebuild?

Oh, and that second one is the tits. The lighting, the composoition of the scene, the editing. I love it all.

Nope, dat map

The first is pretty generic as far as themes go but overall looks good. I know it’s based off a level from CoD4, but more color would make it nicer, even if it’s just making the sky bluer.

The second has flat rain, almost nothing going on in the left side of the picture and posing on the dude is strange.

I really like the first picture, the lighting is nice, the posing is good. I disagree with Lonefirewarrior about the colours, I think the grey contributes to the theme, location, and overall atmosphere of the picture. Definitely creates that eerie and alone mood, nice job!

The second pic is pretty flat. Too much is going on in the right side of the picture compared to the left. Very unbalanced in that aspect. The posing is pretty stiff and un-natural, but if I remember correctly, those ragdolls are a bitch to pose! Haha. However, the lighting is pretty good in the second one as well. Nice touch with the lightning effects!

you know you can refresh the page and click a different rating right?

LOL, to be honest I had no idea! Man, what will they think of next… Haha. Thanks, I appreciate it!

My eyes came. Beautiful work on both.

I especially like the first one, you totally captured the atmosphere of cod4 in it.

Keep up the great work!