Pripyat Sniper (First green screen attempt)

He fucking glows because its Pripyat, bitch.

Anyways I wanted to try a green screen type thing and forgot to turn off bloom. This is the result. It still looks decent but I wont advance with this image in specific but I will try and advance upon scene builds like it.

The isolation on the rifle barrel and along other body parts looks pretty bad. Should have shut off the bloom.

This is far from decent.

Yeah I didn’t realize that until I pasted him to the image, and by then I have gone too far. I can always start over but not tonight.

Besides from the green shit. Looks pretty nice and the background fits.

Honestly, if you noticed you hadn’t turned off bloom until you started editing it, you should have re-posed it.

If I hadn’t gone to watch tv at 10 and stopped at 12 I would have redone it. But I was being hasty. I’ll redo it tomorrow with other goodies.

well at least you dont give up like a pussy

Posing is good. As you said…the glow is horrible.

Posing is solid, the isolation isn’t too good, and I don’t like the green glow. You can take criticsm well, and with that you have earned my respect :buddy:

the OP once told me he drew his avatar

a little sample of don’s talent:

Why would they need a sniper in the zone?

Nobody goes there beside photographers on tours.

Looks like you didn’t play STALKER.

Looks like the OP… Didn’t turn of bloom


Your doing it wrong.

I think the proportions are good, but the green screening itself is ugly, like others said earlier.

Yeah, I know.


Also, the original picture for this (The Chernobyl background) is really overused. I’ve seen it in multiple shots.

Stalker is a boring ass game.

Can’t wait for Metro 2033.

Oh God this.

And you are a Mac.