Prison for people

I was hoping to find mr.burns today.
apparently, its fixed.

Last One was better IMO.

I love how you put some of different and similar facial expression.
There is story inside. =)

Holy shit.

I love it, the only thing that seems iffy about it, is the black guy near the center, he looks like he is slouching, and the combine frisking the bald guy. . .Looks like he is hugging him, could just be me though. . .
also, how did you prevent the eyes from going purple and black?

Posing is good on most of them but I see some imperfection.

I spy cheaple

That’s a bit crowded prison, don’t you think?

Raiskauskone V2

I’m liking these jam packed pictures.

And so, the overcrowding problem was solved and the antlions never went hungry again.

seems like alot of their faces have no expression or feeling, which i dislike. They should be sad and scared. As well some boring posing here and there, but overall good.

so many people are o_O

wow, this looks realistic, most of posing lack of crowds

Re-posting for posterity.

Shame on you . It’s bad to scoff at sick people

Very nice.

She isn’t sick, she’s just flat out ugly.