Prison of lost souls

Edited by Hauptmann. Enjoy.

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Any C&C for my edit ?

The editing on the armor is so amazing but the effect between the blade and the cell (I don’t know how do I call it) could be better.
Nice job on editing BTW Hauptmann.

“Would you knock that off out there? Tryin to sleep here!”
Nice work!

I somehow liked second pic where it’s centralized on the guard. Just my preference though, edit’s cool.

As crazy said, I think it’d be fine to crop away some part, but not all of the hallway. I think it adds to it. otherwise it’s pretty nice.

Agree with the two posts above. The part on the left should not have been cut entirely.
But still the pic is really nice, love the scene, the posing is good, edit’s good too. Good job !