Prison RP ideas, need codes and map makers in exchange for staff

I’m setting up a server (in theory :P) that will be a RolePlay in prison, honestly if I had my choice it would be an RPG. I need a lot of things done that I cannot do myself without learning lots of things, I figured that since I need staff anyway, this would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Things I need done:
-A decent map… Talk to me about it
-A custom gamemode… once again, speak to me please

I’m currently running the server with crap that I found on and no, I don’t plan to plagiarize so as long as I am using them, they will be displayed below. I don’t plan on making any of the maps or gamemodes that I use. I will inform you if they are made by me. If someone becomes a staff member and makes them then they will be given full credit and will be mentioned along with the map below. Thanks.

Map: rp_jail_alcatraz
Gamemode: Tacoscript

Basically, make stuff in exchange for admin on your server? Nope.

I more than admit that it is not a fair exchange. It is however the only exchange that I can make, so if you choose not to then I am more than understanding. Please just say it in a less condescending way. It doesn’t make you look cool. :frowning:

Guy, you’re saying “Do stuff for me so that you can get to do more stuff for me!” Offer something that people will want if you don’t want to be dragged through the mud.

That’s one way to look at it. If you see playing on an RP server with the ability to actually do stuff without limitations, the way that gmod is supposed to be played, as “stuff for me!” then just please say no thank you, or better yet… don’t post.

Oh, you’d rather it be a roleplaying game than a roleplay? What?

There is an implied difference between RP and RPG. In RP’s you normally just choose a job and off you go, RPG’s have an implied level system.