Prison style door peephole/food slots

Whether you are running a secret bar during prohibition, or part of the mafia, this is something that could be extremely useful.

It’s even in the freakin design. Think about it. You set up a trade and watch them through the openable and closeable slide. If they shoot you, you’re in your base so it won’t matter. You spawn at your sleeping bag and go kill them. So useful it hurts.

Kind of like this but higher and sliding:

Tell me your thoughts on this.

Make it with a bulleproof glass so you can see outside your base without having windows, becouse at the moment, they are more favorable to raiders than to the owner of the house

I had always assumed this was in the plan, after all, you can knock on a door, there’s a sliding hatch on the armored door, and being able to see who’s there before opening the door would be very useful.


You could also use it to drop food or securely trade with folks. Or give them bullets. At high velocity.

Even if they kill you, they can’t access your stuff. Would be great for trades.