Prisonbreak2 - Leaked for whoever wants to finish it.

Please read the entire post before posting.

No idea if this is the section for these things now the Gamemodes section is gone. (appearently its been gone for about a year)

What is this
PrisonBreak2 is a prisonbreak/hosties gamemode (css and cs players know what it is). It is version 2 of prisonbreak, which was one of the most popular prisonbreak scripts for garrysmod some years ago. It is scripted from scratch. But I no longer care about it anymore, so I’m leaking it due to high demand.

If anybody wants to finish it you may PM me and I’ll remove the link.

Screenshots, kind of old but Im not taking new ones. These are good enough.[/thumb] [thumb][/thumb]
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Current functions

  • Fancy GUI inspired by BF:BC2
  • HUD
  • Rounds
  • Half-finished LR system.
  • Command system.
  • Weapons
  • Attachments for weapons
  • Runspeed decreases based on how long player has been running
  • Round timer
  • Some more stuff I can’t think of right now.


[spoiler]by blackvoid (aka Yuriman)

Fishstick - Textures (except model ones)
<various people> - Maps
<forgot the guy’s name> - Base for putting models on weapons
<hellsgamers community mappers> - Map included in screenshots and appearently in the download.
Excl (me) - Evereything else

Just to be sure: Im not leaking somebody elses stuff, I’m leaking my own stuff.
I REPEAT: Im not leaking somebody elses stuff, I’m leaking my own stuff.

If you release your own stuff it isn’t leaking…

It is, actually.

No, you didn’t get it from a secured server or something else, you released your own work.

I released a leaked version of it. This was intended to be some private script for a friend’s community.


  • Not confidential anymore if the maker of it releases it
  • It’s not intended to be confidential, at least not anymore
  • You releasing it on facepunch makes it available to the public in a rather “official” way. That is as official as it gets with Gmod addons and gamemodes.

Therefore this is not a leak.

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Unless of course you’re lying about that you made it.

Anyone got a link? Id like to download the offical gamemode or the “leak”.

No… the link has been claimed, someone else is finishing it.
Maybe he will post his IP here sometime.

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And it’s very easy to still get the link. But if you cant even figure that out your probrably a crazy person.

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And now you really can’t anymore.