prisoner / slave in Rust

Alright - is anyone willing to take me as prisoner/slave in Rust?
This is a bit different than a normal slave in that I don’t ask for anything in return other than to be fully controlled by my captors and follow their orders. You can force me to work!

This is a role play thing to add a new twist to the game.


Maybe you’d be better suited to FetLife.

People’s fetishes are becoming weirder every day… You’re gonna jack off while harvesting HQM for your captors?

if i didn’t play rust myself, i would comment on how weird people who play rust are…

haha why does everyone assume its a sexual thing?

Well, in Legacy, I chased a dude for 15 minutes while making goat sounds. I was fully geared (Kev, M4, grenades…) . He was naked but had tons of resources. I didn’t shoot him, nor did I try to kill him. Every time he stopped running, I stopped too. After a while, he screamed “Fuck off” and jumped off a cliff. Free goodies, yay.

Ah, you were scr*wing with his head good job!