Prisoners & XP

Hi all, just a thought. I love the idea of taking prisoners and confess to being a fond builder of trap houses for my own perverse amusement. Anyway lets face it, if anyone is taken prisoner in these new prison cell blocks we have, they are unlikely to be compliant for long or at all and just suicide out.

I had a thought that this could work in conjunction with the new XP system. You can tranquilize someone with a tranq gun that isn’t as effective as a proper gun so you take a risk in the attempt - think MGS. From the victims perspective they died and respawn. But from the attackers perspective, they have an unconscious NPC that they haul back home. The NPC wakes up and depending on the original players XP, the NPC can do certain things for the captor such as crafting GP, farming etc, and will run away and die if given the chance. There would need to be some sort of XP level indicator early on to discourage newman farming (perhaps on the gun?) and some method to stop you farming your complicit friends - dare a say a clan system?

OK tear this one apart chaps

Like the idea, probably to complex for a development team as Facepunch. But I like it. Even though the majority of the community won’t.

This kind of already happens, except the captive does all the harvesting/crafting before they get shot.

Well… the people who are offering themselves as “Slaves” don’t deserve anything better then getting shot between the eyes… Who the F voluntarily wants to be slave in a video game where the game will probably give you RSI after you’ve farmed all that wood for some fat kid…

Some people get off on it I supposed. I’ve encountered a few of the self made “slaves”… its really weird and creeps me out

I dont know man, The only thing I try to do is too avoid these people who call themselves “Slaves”

I always picture in my mind that I am talking to some skinny guy in a basement with a spike leash around his neck.

On Topic: I wonder if Facepunch will ever implement handcuffs or anything like it.

Well, there’s this in the decompiled source code, doesn’t really confirm anything though other than that they worked/experimented with it before.

public enum HoldType

3rd row from the bottom

lol that made me smile. I remember some dude, screen name was “rust_slave” or something similar, kept calling people “sir” and “boss” in global, wanted to be treated badly and be made to sleep outside. Got weird after a while.

There was an handcuffed animation on one of the dev blogs, and other bits a pieces - remember the car cage concept by Meg? Basically, its something they’ve toyed with, but I’d love it to be something of actual value rather than a novelty / RP. Most normal people don’t want to be a slave, but there’s practical application in keeping them