PrisonRP 2.0 - The unique prison roleplaying Gamemode

Welcome to your new cell.
Your new prison life begins, a real path to redemption or escape.
Bad luck for you, canceled, you got tricked after trying to rob your dishonest PDJ, you find yourself in
ALCATRASS prison, a new highly secure prison, where the most dangerous criminals reside.
Make friends because you will make a lot of enemies.

Different roleplay arcs are available to you, flexible to your liking, and fully customizable.

  • Policeman: Embodied the role of authority, make yourself respected, Prisoners do not make it easy for you
    and they know it, carry out searches, arrest, team patrols. climb in rungs in order
    to be able to reach the post of High Commissioner or join a squad of the Shooting Elite.

  • Politician: Embodied the role of the law, you establish how the prison works but especially the most dangerous city
    in the world, RavenCity, a very powerful megacity built by powerful mafia bosses. Political life
    is not easy. Sponsored the police, base your laws, impose taxes,
    engage your advisers, your ministers, fully live your reign under between justice and corruption there is only one step.

  • Merchants: There are several specialization of merchants, each of the merchants have specific products in their shops.

  • Illegal sellers: Do you want to create a sales network from prison? It is possible but you will need some contact.
    Smuggle all kinds of weapons and other contraband across town to prison. Solicit personalities and resell your items
    yourself, through an intermediary or even via the darkweb.

  • Doctor: The hospital service is never easy with all these accidents, make sure to help others so as to one day become the
    greatest savior of criminals ever! Help the police during various assaults or create your own drug parade
    by opening a more or less honest pharmacy

  • Cook: No clumsiness is allowed, it will be necessary to make the feast worthy of a good prisoner! Polos Hemarnos opens its doors in town and will be

  • Prisoner: Escape, take drugs, trade weapons, study, play sports, drive a car, pray, fly to SafeIsland to enjoy
    dirty money accumulating in prison. Live the life you want …


A highly secure prison with one of the most competent services. No one is safe from control, but you are surely a special prisoner.
A prison with different possibilities of escape for you but no policeman will stay the eye shut very long, very low is the number who managed to mix among the citizens
from RavenCity, let alone SafeIsland.


Carry out bank robberies or robbery, buy from merchants, hack cryptocurrency servers, buy vehicles, develop links with politicians, police stations
intimately connected to ALCATRASS will allow the police to export thugs more quickly. Many additional activities will be available to you, a little billiards at the bar tempts you?
RavenCity is a city founded by great mafia barons, you can find them at the city’s casino to clear some of your tickets.


An island paradise where the greatest thugs live, unknown and yet the eldorado of the greatest schemers of the prison. Apparently she has a giant secret or alive base
quietly all the expropriation, they can spend their virtual money as they wish and especially under the radar of the police.

  • Don’t miss your next life in prison. If I had the beta of the game.

Discord : Fold#4238


Is this supposed to be a pitch for a nomination? Either way there’s not really anything to get excited over, no proof of concept or video showcase, just text is boring, if you had a past project of yours to show that would be more interesting and maybe a reason to get excited.


While I like the concept, I can tell you how when I played Garry’s Mod there were servers with realistic prison role-play, and it became very boring very quickly since you are simulating one of the worst environments in the world. With that being said, if you have experience with C#, modeling, etc, I believe you could take some of these ideas and role with them.

I like the concepts you have laid out, different from Jailbreak and different from a simple guard/prison server but I cannot put you in the same category as other content creators who have put many hours of blood sweat and tears working on their game mode in this new engine. I hope you can expand on this in the future and will be looking for more content.

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This is not an underrated mode, it is a concept already much appreciated in various games including ‘Roblox’.

In Garry’s first mod the endmode was a form of simple shooter.
Here we want to push the RP mode much further, your game is far from stopping at a simple escape.
The prison will be dense and complete, you will not be able to escape in the same place all the time, you will have to collect essential elements among the players reinforce the obligation of RP but also the progression within a unique course for each player .
As in a classic prison you will have spots within this prison, some are for the common good and the maintenance of the prison which can be a real asset in the course of your escape plan, or else could also simply go through the main prison door under the identity of a policeman leaving his job. The prison is highly secure, you are a prisoner and you will feel going through it, weapons detectors, cameras, voting booths, all your activities in prison will have to be pointed out, it is up to you to do the right actions at the right time. The police will not necessarily be your worst enemy, many gang networks siphon off the prison and the city, you are nowhere safe, forming links or pursuing a career alone are undoubtedly very legitimate choices.
Many activities in prison can give you a better condition of life, escape by calling a helicopter, possible, expensive but possible while having a real palace as a cell with the agreement of the politicians, a technical feat.
But the money is in town, plenty of team heists will be available, prepare you for memorable police chases.
Want to rest with your friends and spread your dirty money in fancy, big car clothes, want to bet on an illegal race or be the driver, a game of chess? SafeIsland is for you

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