PrisonRP - Realistic Prison Role-play!

**As the title says, this is a role-play gamemode of a prison. It is based off the idea of Excl’s JailBreak and consists of 4 teams. **

Prisoners: We have the Prisoners who can also become rebels if they try to take over the prison and fight against the guards or trying to break out.

Guards: we have the guards who make sure nothing is going on and the community is under control and also being able to sing up for the Wing Warden who is in-charge of the wing they are asigned to.

Community Staff: We also have the community staff who would clean, cook and help out both guards and prisoners. There are kind of caretakers while being mentors.

Medics: Last but not least, the medics and there role is quite self explanatory!

Basic rules and guide lines:
Medics must pay attention to casualty’s and be quick to the scene. Otherwise the player could bleed out in a matter of minutes and will end up spawning. Guards must also make sure that they call the medics to the scene if there isn’t one there and there is someone who needs help. The guards must kill or punish rebels if they are doing something against the law or against the rules of the prison like in any normal prison. There may only be one warden for each wing and there can’t be as many guards as prisoners. The Warden must give strict and legit orders. Warden can not abuse his position by saying things like “Last person to stand up will be shoot or killed”. The warden also acts as the guards boss and the guards must follow the Wardens orders to what wing they are in. Guards must have a reason for killing or shooting a prisoner. They may kill prisoners who are a threat to the guards or other prisoners. If a prisoner fires at a guard they may kill him. If the prisoner has a gun they may shoot him but not kill him and force him to drop the gun. If the prisoner doesn’t drop it or hand it over, the guard may kill him. Guards and wardens can’t trick prisoners into doing thing. If a prisoner was killed he will be sent back to spawn and will have to go through getting sent into prison by van and must go through the procedure of being a new prisoner to the wing. As the prisoner gets to know the prison he will be able to take part in jobs for money and will be able to order things like TV’s and cool stuff. He will also be able to visit other wings and go outside if he becomes trusted. Prisoners have every right to fight and kill other prisoners, but the prisoner who picks the fight will be punished and the prisoner who murders someone else may be killed.

I’m still taking suggestions and hope to see this gamemode come along well. I’m hoping this gamemode to be a open-source and will be released as soon as its finished. There will also be a map for the gamemode and we will be happy to see other peoples PrisonRP maps. We aim to make this game really realistic and entertaining. Please make sure you do post your suggestions to make improvements to the game.

Well, I like the idea and I should like 2 see this work done. I will follow it untill release and if I can help with anything(Coder), Yust ask. and I have the first comment :smile:

I don’t see any way this won’t just become a massive murderfest

If you want I can do some design for your gamemode.

Is there going to be an option to drop the soap?

Another ideas guy.Nothing to see here.

Add soap dropping and anal rape, then I’ll support (even though I refuse because you haven’t shown anything other than a wall of text I can’t be bothered reading).

Awesome idea but something like this will happen im sorry

Are you going to make use of the Rape SWEP?

where is the fun in this?

/event “show time”
/me dropped soap and something in pooper

That’s all I see from this!~

Ive actually been working on a gamemode similar to this in my free time. The only thing I dont have is a map for the gamemode. I thought of one of the jailbreak maps, but id rather make my own, which I may do.

And for the people who think this is a stupid idea, its not. You just need to understand that Role-Play is based on the players and what they do. And the way im making mine, a gun would be hard to come by, and the guards are way over powered, so the chances of it being a “Murderfest” Are low. On the other hand, how well guards behave is up to whoever runs the server that you would be playing on.

I like the idea, but this kind of server would have to be highly moderated and you need a very active, and always avaiable team of admins.

How is this going to work in a rp fashion? Theres really no way I can see this working. Regardless of using a base rp gamemode (darkrp, clockwork etc.) Got the same problems on a logistical point of view. Let me try and point them out.

  1. Base job; What is the job/occupation when someone joins the server going to be? The easiest one is Convict (Prisoner whatever u call him). But in a roleplay POV, this dosnt make much sense. How would a prisoner one second become a warden or a guard the next? They would need a middle class. Just a citizen class to fill this huge divide. But why are there normal civilians in a prison anyways? I get the excuse can be to decide where to go from there, but bottom line is its just too convalooted personally. A citizen class in a jail themed map? Yeah.

  2. Premise; Well what is it? I would assume roleplaying prison life. But prisonlife is nothing spectacular. I dont personally know from experience, but seeing murder death violence is not a huge thing in prisons for the most part. Unless you go to some really hard core prisons… Regardless the only way anything would work is, eventually, prisoners take over the prison. Which is essentially jailbreak just harder.

Theres A TON more i can tell why this idea is feebly. However these are atleast two main ones that should be considered.

Well if I was not half ass at making a maps, Id make half of it the Prison, half of it a city. Then there are loads of possibilities. But like I said, I cant make maps. If I make the prison by itself, ill make it where they can use like a pickaxe SWEP, similar to Stranded, and then make an entity to allow them to mine up rocks or something. I only have the base of the gamemode right now, but as it goes by im sure ill have thought of SOMETHING to make it decent.

If you add the rape swep whenever you enter the prison showers, that would nail prison realism.

Isn’t that what Prison Riots are?

If you don’t add the rape SWEP this gamemode literally is pointless and not worth playing.

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Also, PAC so you can add the penis model to your character while using the rape SWEP.

Seems to hate on everything… Simple solution:
When you join, you need to chose a job, you get either : cops or prisoners.

haha Indeed