Privat about to do a horrible mistake.

And so on...:hist101:

Posing looks pretty bad.

I don’t get it.


Ah don’t say this is one of them jokes that only works in my head.

Point is! The war cry. Take that you Nazi bastards. Mendes here wasn’t paying attention and got it wrong.

Wait if Take that you Nazi bastards isn’t the right war cry what is?

omfg posing sux roflollazorz

Just kidding, but not entirely. :slight_smile:

The posing could use a lot of work here; I haven’t seen much of your other work, so I don’t really have a comparison, but here are the things I noticed when I first saw your screenshot:

  • One of the German soldiers has his chest popped out, but his waist is kind of…dangling. Don’t forget to pose the waist, even if you only need the chest in your shot.

  • Mendes. What the hell is he doing anyway? Pointing at his gun? Pointing at a burning banana off-screen? Or is he holding some type of grenade…?

I could nitpick and name maybe one or two more things, but these two killed it for me. :slight_smile:

Wait so he got the war cry wrong? What’s the right war cry? Is he supposed to be stealthy and hiding instead? What is he holding??

Yes, i was wondering if he’s telling them to take his weapon

He is holding a gun. Pointing at it and says take that. This really ought to be clear.


I am lousy at posing ww2 models. Isn’t serious either. Was a joke that didn’t work:bang:

What’s the joke here?

ahhh,i see now, now that i understand the joke it’s kinda funny

I can somehow imagine what you were trying to go for, but as you said, it didn’t work here. If the idea was to have him hand in his gun (as part of the joke), it could have been done differently in a way that might have made more sense and would have highlighted the funny aspect. Agreed, it would take more posing work, but not being good at posing a certain model isn’t a passable excuse. You learn, you get better. :slight_smile:

LOL Thank you so much.

It’s no excuse I agree. I do know how to pose though

Then I stand corrected, but I’ll say this: Don’t be lazy. :smiley:

I got it, but as said posing could be helped.

I’m not sure I understand.

If he was pointing his gun at them and said that it would make sense,no? so he’s doing that but he’s to stupid to do it the right way

Edit isn’t great.
You always use those ugly speech bubbles, you should stop with them.
Looks like you made it darker, or done something to the colours. Again, you always do this on your pictures, why?
And most of all, you need to obtain a greater understanding of camera angles and framing.