private addons

Is it possible to make an addon private? For some reason, gmod ruins m playermodel when loading legacy addons, so I need to turn it into .gma. Is there a way to make addons on the workshop private, or to convert a floder to .gma?

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also, don’t post “Change info to addon.txt” I have to convert them to .gma

GMod shouldn’t be ruining ANYTHING when loading from legacy, so that’s on the playermodel.
What playermodel is it?

Better yet, what’s the folder structure? And are you sure your putting everything in the right place (all in the addon folder)?

I am. I change everything to addon.txt instead of info. The legacy addons I have are
Adv Dupe
Ninja Rope SWEP

I was talking about the player model addon. What does it’s folder structure look like? Do you even have the player model addon placed in the Gmod addon folder?