Private Client data storage

I have some derma setup and im trying to make my own little shop type thing, whats can i use to store the fact that the player has bought a item so they cannot buy it again unless they sell it. I’ve tried PData but it doesn’t work on client side, Client convars aren’t a safe method. Im thinking im going to have to use text files! But does anyone have a better solution that is safe so players cannot hack into my system.

Use net library and store data on server. For best storage protection you can check info from client, what it matches with data.

I don’t fully understand sorry, i have never used the net library.

It’s not that hard :slight_smile: Look here

How would i do this safety protocol ?

Thank you!

why are you handling that cl??? have u never ever heard of “never trust the client”???

He didn’t understand net messages/never really heard of them, and thought PData can ‘transfer’ between client and server, since PS as example mainly talks about PData, not net messages, now he heard of NMSGs and all should be fine, now stop spamming ‘?’ please!!!

I use ULX’s permission system. That way everything is properly checked by ULX. Then I store data client side. If a client decides to mess with the file it doesn’t matter.
Ex. Jump height: ULX min 130, max 455. Value is stored client side. If someone edits the data file and puts 999999. ULX will just say “Please enter number between 130 and 455”. There are many benefits to this, and I doubt that many servers have taken advantage of the powerful system that ULX implements other then the basic stuff.
Now to use the code, the ulx console command just has to be called ulx.jump(320)

The NET message system may look a bit daunting at first but it is really easy to use.

It depends on what data you need to save on the client though, it sounds like my idea might not work for what you need though.