private eye

thread music thanks to zombologist.

Arvuti’s edit

turtlehead’s edit

The Castro’s edit

Dubeard’s edit

aren’t they just wonderful :allears:
original in case anyone needs it or for some reason
not zoomed
zoomed in

They are cool. I like the rain version best.

I like the second best, great atmosphere.

they all look quite cool. I think in avurti’s it could have more raindrops

the second picture is my favorite. I like the contrast between red and blue

Nice. Reminds me of all those old Noir films. Nick would make a nice hack for the Stranger.

VERYNICE but teh neck textures weerd

Yeah I kinda hid that with a shadow from the collar. :pseudo:

Castro wins imo.

Turtlehead’s edit reminds me of Watchmen with hall of those colors and stuph.
palettes for all! :buddy:

Black and white wins.

:slick: :master:
alright then. I like Turtleheads better than mine. :buddy:

Can I add thread musics nao?

Anyway, nice work. I quite like it, as a matter of fact. Have an arty, on me.

thanks for arty & thread music.

Now that’s a version of “Mysterious Stranger” that I’d be interested in. Nick’s face actually seems to work well with that sort of detective-noir feel, I think.