Private Gmod DarkRP Server, problem with GPowers Addon.

Hi, I’ve made a private server on Gmod with “The Flash” as one of the characters. I’m using “DarkRP” as a structure for the server which has worked out fine until “Speedsters” were introduced into the server. I’m using an addon called “GPowers” and I would like to change certain settings within the addon for players choosing different speedsters but I haven’t been able to figure out how.

What I want to do is change sound, the color of trails, a warning message, to use one of two trails, size for a character (ATOM), flying speed (also in the same addon).
I’ve tried a lot of different things to get it working, but to no success.

I wonder if there’s anyone out there who’s able to help me with this. If so then write what info you need from me and I’ll do my best to provide the info to you.