Private Hive-(rare military)(1/2 craft)(door sharing)(Admins)

Private Hive-(rare military)(1/2 craft)(door sharing)(Admins)
Press F1 and paste in net.connect

After having lost my base several times as result of hackers, i finally decided it was time i made my own server. I decided that it would be best if this server was white listed so hackers have a much harder time of joining. Unfortunately white listing is currently not working as a result of the latest update but i will implement it as soon as it is back online. If you do decide to play on my server before the whitelist, i suggest you put down your steam id so when i do white list this server i can add you to the white list immediately.

To get your steamid
go to your profile and right click
click on copy page url and go to this site - steamidfinder
paste in the link and you should be able to get your steamid
make a post with your steamid so i can add you as soon as whitelist is implemented

Features:Oxide Mod
1/2 crafting
rare military weapon- uncraftable military loot and military ammo- to prevent the people armed with M4 owning noobs
shared doors
custom loot drops
semi-frequent airdrops
non-craftable c4
commands to form a group
custom starting kit-3 use only-5 food/stone hatchet
white listed server
custom ticket to admin ingame to make a complain

Active Admins that are fair
There will be no power abuse
Most admins will only have the power to ban people
Admins will investigate a player before banning
Only ban player if we are absolutely sure that the person is hacking

First 20 players on the server will get a custom starter kit- type in /kit starter
1x wooden shelter
1x metal door
1x handcannon
5x homemade shell
1x hatchet

note once the server has reached 20 players i will have to restart server to close the custom starter kit

I’ve really been screwed over by admins in the past and made this account looking for a decent hive and player base… do you have some sort of VOIP or something? Would love that.

Yeah we do have a mumble server and we are just starting out so the player base will grow