Private LAN?

My IP Address starts with a 10.0 is this a problem to host a server on?
thats my upload/download test to LA if that matters.

bump… anyone here

No just forward your ports.

hmmphh thats the problem, when i go to the site thing i cannot get to port fowarding. :frowning: anything else?


Oh yeah, I have A D-Link DGS 2205 Router. Sorry for double post.

Get your gateway IP.

Run this:

ok got it, now what

run it…

no, i got the default gateway

Click open web panel

cannot open the webpage.

Okay, that’s odd. And the D-Link DGS 2205 isn’t a router, it’s a desktop switch.

oh thats right. oh i also have the motorola sb5120 surboard modem…?

I’m reading the documentation for it, it doesn’t seem to have a web panel. Hmm.

thats weird. i read somewhere that they are all open cause i dont have a direct router. is that right?


you got anything?

why would you want to run something that could be a virus when you can just go start>run>cmd>ipconfig?

I know that’s what I did :stuck_out_tongue:

Because it’s easier(?)

so what do i do after i get my gateway ip

Maybe this can help.

i have an ethernet switch. im not sure this will work.