Private Message Tutorial.

Here is how to make private messages work:
When you log in to Facepunch, you will see a envelope and a wrench by your username, click the wrench.
When you see the screen load, look on the left side of the screen, unless you have it set up different just look for “My Settings”.
Under “My Settings” you will see “My Profile”, “My Account”, “Networking”, “Miscellaneous”. look under “My Account” and click “General settings”.
Now you see a new screen load, look for “Receive Email from Administrators” and click the box, under private messaging turn it to “ON”, make sure receive private messaging is “From all members”
Scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click “Save”.
And your done, if this helps +1, if not I am sorry for confusing you just change the settings back and save it.
If you need help reading this in a different language a rough translation can be given at

Wow, are the Rust users so dumb that we have to post tutorials non-related to the game in the game forum?
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oops rated this artistic lol
this isn’t related to rust at all

I don’t think this thread is meant for this forum…

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why are you telling anyone

how could you have possibly thought this WASN’T a dumb idea for any thread

For anyone posting “Negative” posts in this thread, think of it this way: People are Lazy. If you rated this thread dumb, just think dumb rating for yourself. So why are you commenting, or rating this thread if you already know how to do it?

If you had overwhelming negative feedback towards this thread, why would you bump it just to get more negative comments?

has NOTHING to do with rust AT ALL

and anyone with a brain can CLEARLY SEE the “Letter” icon means “Messaging”

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you should really lurk way more

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and google translate

Even people that don’t use the internet know how to do this shit lol

and everyone speaks english anyways

and since you obviously care a lot about ratings I have a tutorial for you