Private Party

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The new monitor is still being tested, so I decided to make something old-stylish. Here is EDI and Javik (the most unpopular characters from the third game, I guess) are kickin’ some corporate bigwigs and their guards’ asses, blowing the place to hell at the same time.

P.S. tribute to all giraffe-mutant-like-long-neck girls.

The image is clickable. Check it out to see the picture in better quality.


Posed in Garry’s Mod, edited via Photoshop

The people in the background look like drawings.

Javik and e.d.'s posing and the effects were done well,that said Javik has a major clipping issue with his gun,also mabye its just me but I think the women in the backround needs better posing.

finally, no more gray highlights

the beam from javik’s gun doesn’t glow enough though IMO

Giraffe-lady and mustachio-oldfag do appreciate it.