Private Play Rust Teamspeak 3 server.

Hello. My friend have a 75 slot Team Speak 3.The server is quiet dead and there are 60+ slot free. I searching pepoles who want to use this server.

Server Address:
Server Password: ablakok

The server is payed for 2 years. (So its not gonna “end”)

I made some room. The “Play Rust” room password is: 123456789 and there are 5 subchanel (those sub-chanels dont have password)

If you need any help write me a massage.

TS3 name: Chillshootpls
Ingame Name: SpudrowSpedro (Rust)

I know there are many public server. But those servers usually full with trolls or with other things.

Thanks,I will join-up this week-end.

Until then good luck!