Private server - only for lan or singleplayer

Hi everyone, I know that in FAQ is half part of my question already answered.
But I really want to know, how to play only with my girlfriend on my router through the local address.
Is there some legal way to do this? I really don’t want to public my server on the internet, because of your profit from renting the servers, but I’m also a student and I really don’t have much money to spend them on payment the server.
I only want to make my private server, for me and my girlfriend… :slight_smile:

"Can I host a server?
We’re limiting the distribution of the server right now. This is because we don’t know where we’re taking Rust so we want to keep our options open. If we give everyone the server and then change something dramatically some of operators will complain about the change. If we make dramatic changes every week – a lot the operators will complain. And this is what we intend to do.

The server might be publically available in the future. But right now we’re limiting the distribution to a few select GSP’s."

Thanks for that. “Hi everyone, I know that in FAQ is half part of my question already answered.”

Learn to read

I agree they should release the server files, I mean, it’s pretty dumb that you have to pay to host a server, why? What good reason does that serve?

Change something dramatically? Yea, as well as another games which are in development, like Minecraft, Starbound, Terraria, etc…
Some of operators will complain? We have already accustomed, that everything is in the development and the price of development is that everything can screw up. Not long ago I lost my planet in Starbound. What should I do? Well… I will go and live on another planet. :wink:
I think, that you could give us change to make our self the private server. For example, we have really bad Internet in school and the game experiences are lost.
I paid you for good game, not for game which is limited by the Internet. UbiSoft made a game, which couldn’t work, because of saving the profiles on the Internet.
After some criticism of fans, they update it. What about the people who wants to play the game, and they don’t have the Internet? Let’s say, they could download it through the Steam on WiFi of their best friend. I think that the dedicated server would be fine… :wink:

PS: Excuse me, for my English language, but I’m from Czech Republic.

But most not if all of those games are released as full games, not alpha

But when these games were released (alpha or beta), they already have a files for private server.
Minecraft have private sever in Alpha version… :wink:

it means people whose livelihood depends on you not canceling your server with them as a host will report bugs

if jo shmo has the server files, he’s not going to report any bugs

So you think, that if we will have server files, then everyone will not rent a server on the internet?
Not everyone has public IP address and also static, because not everyone wants to tell everyone, that his/her IP address has changed.
And also not everyone has good connection and share the server with good ping.
Many people are renting servers for lots of games, also Minecraft.
But again, if I will go the some village (about 500 people), where also isn’t 3G. Then I’m fuc*** up…
Single player is missing.

you completely missed the point

you won’t report server binaries bugs because your livelihood doesn’t depend on fixing those bugs

GSPs do report those bugs cause if shit don’t work, people stop using them

I see people report bugs all the time

People?! In “single player”? Seriously? I think that you don’t understand me…
People will buy this game more, after publishing server files. Believe me…
Reporting bugs? I think, that it will be like with another games… :wink:

Actually, that is exactly what you paid for.

Until you learn the difference between always-online DRM and an online multiplayer game, I don’t think anyone needs to listen to you.