Private server worked yesterday, now it doesn't.

Yesterday I was having fun with my friends in murder, sandbox, now they can’t join. I opened all ports, turned off anti-virus.
Any ideas? I’d really like to play again. I didn’t change any settings.

My console says this :

You need to turn off your firewall software, not antivirus.

Yeah, I turned off my whole anti-virus with the firewall in it. Still nothing.

Well the results signify otherwise. Keep in mind that you gotta take down EVERY firewall you might have installed. Make sure your internal IP didn’t change, etc. Make sure nothing like Hamachi or VirtualBox is interfering with your set up.

Not only that but make sure that the ports that you opened are bounded to the same IP the server is on.


If you bounded 27005-27020 to yesterday and your server was yesterday but now your server is then there’s your problem.