Private servers?

I there any way i could to make a private server to play with my friends? if not i think this should be added in he future. if there is, how do i do it? thanks!

I think you can buy one for some huge price

Why huge price?
In other games ~64 player servers cost around 70$. For clans and communities it is not too high price.

This isn’t other games it’s like 400 eu to rent one for a month.

okay the rust servers limited at 500 ( a few days ago you could see the 500 limit if you wanted to play) but imagine 500player in a map… it would be like you spawn after a few min you just died by a m4. (okay the map is small but its still expensive.-…)

Minecraft servers go for about $10 per month for 20 players for some hosts.

Any idea if the server application will be available?
I have my own server that I could host on, so I’d quite like to host my own Rust server, rather than pay for one…

You are way off. It’s €149.99 (about $207 USD) for one month - and you get 2 servers (apparently).
The other plan gives you 4 servers for €249.99 (about $345 USD)

These prices are hefty, but they include support/management/etc.

I suggest waiting a bit though, as there aren’t many moderation tools currently.

I’m wondering if it would be a valiable idea for few big clans/gaming groups and some other people to gather together and rent a private server just to make sure there won’t be much hackers/exploiters (most of them won’t bother giving some extra money for a server) and even if there are several, they will be banned quickly by the mods.

The pricing seems like 150€/month, assuming we can find 300 people for such a plan, those people can just pay like 50 cents (send to a “trusted” guy who is then gonna purchase the server).

Just brainstorming here :slight_smile:

This game is still in early stages which is why lack of hosting providers.

Ideal-Hosting is doing a heck of a job keeping their servers up and running and they still have mountains of problems going on.

They’re dedicated 100% so lets support them and the Rust team to help them get this game off the ground.

The reason it is expensive is because you are renting a dedicated server with rust on it. It will be cheaper when they come out with virtual game servers.

I wrote a huge wall of text and then… accidently refreshed. Fuuu.

Virtualization doesn’t work well.
It’s lot of work.
Work in germany is expensive.
It’s alpha.
They need resources. (lot of em’)
It’s not as easy as people imagine.

Also, if you plan to purchase a server and have questions, feel free to contact us via

Hey there,

all are valid points but couldn’t get the “they need resources” thing. You mean as server resources or just money? If so, what does paying the datacenter/hosting company to do with Facepunch?

Server resources, sorry. It’s not very optimized yet, and I doubt we will ever be able to sell by slots, as those servers use a core each one + 1,5 GB ram min.

What kind of virtualization have you tried?
Alot of resources is?
What os? D: