PrivateChat - Cross-Server Chatting

[release]What is this?
PrivateChat is a Lua script that allows you to talk to people on the server you’re on, or any other server by joining a channel you create, as long as they have PrivateChat installed.[/release]
Coming soon[/release]
[release]** Download & How to install PrivateChat**
How to install:
Place the script into lua/autorun/client/[/release]
[release]How to use PrivateChat

  1. Type chat_menu in console
  2. Create a channel
  3. Join the channel you created
  4. You can talk in the channel you’re joined in by typing /pc <text>
  5. Tell your friends to join the channel
  6. ???
  7. Profit!

In the menu you may also change if you want the tags to be displayed, and the colors of them and the text.[/release]
-Fix minor bugs
-Tidy up derma menu
-Implement removing tags
-Add text color changing to derma menu
-Add how many people are using PrivateChat, and the names of the people that are in your channel.
-Channel Admin & Channel Password
^I’ll do all of this tommorrow morning, this is just something I thought of and wanted to release it in some kind of way before I went to bed, everything but the eyecandy features has worked for me so far.[/release]

Feedback appreciated.

Seems handy. I’ll try it and get back to you tomorrow.
And anyway to send a private invitation? Cause I don’t wanna tell the entire server the channel name when I just wanna speak privately to one person, or a few of them.

Oh, and by

You can talk to someone else on a different server too? Just making sure.

I like the part of different chat groups,but there is Steam, unless youve never Shift-Tabbed in game in your life.

Does this use sockets?

Naturally if you can do cross server chatting :v:

It doesn’t use socket modules though

http requests since there is no module needed.

This kinda makes me want to write an IRC binary module.

Good job!

That’s pretty neat.

You can talk to someone on a different server, it’s not like the channel is restricted to two people, you can have multiple people in it and they will all hear everything.
I am now going to finish derma and do a invite thing.
Since derma is being a pain in the ass right now and I don’t want to spend much more time on this you can just edit the colors yourself on line 74, also just updated the file to fix a few bugs. Expect an invite system later today.

This is a nice and more light way of doing things than using sockets which is pretty great.
But what would make it better is if you also released the scripts behind the webserver.

That way we could host this ourselves.

I wish this was like the radios from WOTS. Now that would be kick ass…

I’ll release the php after I do some work on derma and get a functioning IRC working(but that will require sockets).