Privateer - 17th Century Themed Naval Battles

NOTE: Project closed.

“When a man comes to like a sea life, he is not fit to live on land.”

  • S. Johnson

Privateer is a private Garry’s Mod gamemode, focused primarily around naval battles set in the 17th century.

All players are provided with a variety of tools to design and craft ships of their own. Ship Cores are used to control the player-made ships. Afterwards, the players can take to the high seas to test their mettle and prove their worth as a captain.

All note-worthy deeds are recorded on the website, so every player has a chance to become part of the Privateer lore.

We also provide a suitable environment for role playing and hanging out.

Privateer has a unique player reporting system to deal swift justice to unruly players.

Do you have what it takes to live the life of a privateer?


Gamemode-related files can be found on Our Website

  • Privateer Dev Team

Holy shit!

Holy fuck!

Are there going to be pre-built ships?

Yes! Joining now! Yes!

Whoa nice

Yes. Eventually we plan on giving players access to a few simple vessels.

Spent my first hour building a ship only to find out you will lose it forever if you don’t advance dupe it prior to death outside of the harbor. I was enjoying the server until I was told ‘You’re not allowed to have any cannons because your ship doesn’t fit the theme’. Both the port and the ocean contained a few ships with ‘chairs’ welded to PHX plates with 4+ cannons and a ‘wood’ material applied, these are more acceptable then a ship using the exact same props and the initial metal texture that goes along with it?

I love the concept though.

Why do I have to be a cannon ball magnet?

Yay, finally the thread is put up.

PlayX? Sorry, but no thanks.

I’m gonna go try this out.

For the uninitiated, the player can be turned off clientside. Nobody is forced to use it.

The fact that that addon is even in there is ridiculous.

As of the moment it’s used during events to play music for ship battles, tavern roleplay, and telling new parts of lore about the server.

For example:

Undo bug is mad stupid. I lost a good ship. :’(

So why didn’t you code in functions to be run to play music instead of wasting bandwidth on shitty youtube videos?

I’m only saying this because PlayX is god awful. Either way, good luck with your community. Even though I thought community adverts were banned?

Because maybe they are working on other aspects of the gamemode right now. Why are you complaining about a addon that isnt even forced on you.
It’s like bitching about a TV channel you dont like and you have the remote in your hand ready to change the channel, but you dont because you want to complain about the channel instead.

I take it you don’t react well to constructive criticism? Even if you “disable” PlayX videos, it still uses bandwidth. Not every player has fantastic internet. If they were to make a content folder of songs and have the client download it once, then the client wouldn’t have to re-download/stream the file every time the song is played. It’s as if every time you wanted to play a song on your phone, you had to download it on 3G/4G, using your data plan instead of storing it on SD once and for all.

Im not the maker of the gamemode I just dont see the point in complaining about something that can be turned off easily in the options.