Privateer Reboot - 17th Century Themed Naval Battles (and Economics?)

A reboot of the gamemode by the talented karolisoz, who released Privateer under the Creative Commons License.
Original thread for Privateer found here:

This thread also uses many pictures and information from the original thread by karolisoz.

Privateer is a Garry’s Mod gamemode by karolisoz in which you build and battle ships set in the 17th century.

As said in the original thread: “Privateer is a private Garry’s Mod gamemode, focused primarily around naval battles set in the 17th century. All players are provided with a variety of tools to design and craft ships of their own. Ship Cores are used to control the player-made ships. Afterwards, the players can take to the high seas to test their mettle and prove their worth as a captain.”

I wish to expand upon his original idea of just combating ships. I want to incorporate different nations in to the game, as well as incentives to battle for resources your nation desires and for your own desires of wealth as well.

Gameplay wise I am unsure how to implement said things, but code wise I am very capable. I am very open to ideas the community likes to improve gameplay in the direction I wish to go. In fact I want ideas for expansion of this, to make the gamemode as fun as possible.

Features that differ from the original Privateer:
-Teamplay, two navies to choose from, the British and Spanish.
-Entering your ship has been reworked, you can now enter your ship by pressing E on any part of it. (Helps when you get out of your ship on islands)
-Simple cargo system that is completely subject to change(I’m not entirely sure where to go with it). Ships can now hold cargo barrels they collect in some way(for now the cargo barrels spawn on an island you can walk on and grab the cargo with the gravity gun).
-Ships that sink have their cargo float to the surface to be collected. You can collect said cargo by touching it with your ship.

New Media:
Thanks to salmonmarine for helping me take screenshots.

Old Media:

This is still a work in progress and I won’t be releasing it until there are enough features to create fun gameplay that also differs from the original Privateer.
(Though I wouldn’t mind having someone host a dedicated test server that could be opened to the public. :wink:)

Feel free to post ideas for the gamemode!

Skipper of HMS Glory Hull reporting in

Can you walk around the ship while it’s moving without being thrown off violently and having to be forced to sit in a chair?

Other then that, I LOVE THIS!

No, but now that you mention it I think I could possibly do something about it. Though don’t get your hopes up. :v:

This looks really cool! I hope you have luck in future development.

I believe Spacebuild if I remember from so long ago, they had like a gravity stabilize thing whatever tool. That you added to a surface to your ship. So that when it moved you wouldnt go flying.

Seems kind of cool, just a question though, is there any lag at all with it?

Glad to see this gamemode is still kicking after all of these months.
Would love to see it become something like DarkRP with constant revisions being made by multiple groups.

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Most of the lag in the gamemode is handled by the Ship Parenting tool. It’s impossible for the most part to stop lag, but you can try to make most of the lag based on the client rather then the server.

Yea I was really disappointed to see the gamemode quit being developed. Plus I had always wanted a bit more in the game to do with resources and cargo. I’m still not entirely sure where I’m going yet though.

wow this looks cool

Best of luck with the development.

This looks promising, maybe my Swimming Tuna will be swimming again in the seas (and God, I used maybe the most douche tactic against big ships) and actually be a merchant ship of some sort, if the sails on it aren’t screwed up like last time.
Also, if you can, you should do something to prevent bumping into the walls of the map; it was pretty annoying in the original Privateer when I suddenly bumped into invisible wall seemingly in the middle of the sea. Bonus points if I was in a middle of a fight (but then again, I left quite long before the server shutted down, so maybe they did find a solution to it).

Latest version of Privateer had addressed that issue.

Thank you, and thank you for the wonderful gamemode itself.


Vodkah, fireup the kinetic spazzmataz engine systems!

I didn’t get to try this before due to lag being unbearable, so maybe I’ll get to trying it now.

If am right, I’ve seen a pirateshipwars server have an daily advert in the chatlog showing a command you can put in console and it stops that “Laggmove” when the boat is moving and i never got thrown off or anything when using it, It was like walking on the boat when it wasn’t moving yet it was. Find that command and it could work for the boats on here to :smiley: , Plus thanks so much for wanting to upgrade this more, I found this gamemode right after the server shut down :frowning: and so I’ve always wanted to bring up my own server but since you’re currently improving the gamemode i shall wait for you to do that then all use this one :stuck_out_tongue: .

I know what you are talking about with PSW, I’ll have to look in to that or something. Though if any of what you are talking about doesn’t work out like I said before I may have other ideas that could work.

I know how you feel about the original gamemode too, I found it right as it was shutting down myself. :v: I would love to see you hosting this as well.

Ya if you improve the gamemode and all and it looks good, I would love to host it :smiley: , One thing I’ve always thought what was needed is for starter boat, A small but yet decent starter boat for those who can’t build one.

Search me up on steam “Purelard97”