Privateers searching a downed helicopter

…also there’s Vaas.

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Compared to everything else, Vaas is way to saturated, and it pulls your eyes to him, and not the actual scene, which should be more focused on the chopper being searched. Some bodies, and added effects to the chopper would be good as well. Maybe no placed grass around where the chopper crashed would give it a more crashed look, unless it happened awhile ago, in which you could add some vegetation to the chopper to make it look overgrown would work as well. Zooming in, moving the camera to the left and just a tad bit up from a more diagonal side would look great.

Keep working at it.

Alright, I’m actually editing it right now. I’m trying to add some more detail and make Vaas less saturated. However, this will take a while as I have to isolate all the grass and unless I find a better way to do it, it’s going to be quite some time before I finish it.

But, nonetheless, thanks for your criticism.

His face laughed me so hard. Anyway, it’s not bad.

Updated the OP with the re-edited version.

Looks a little bit better now. Good job.