Prize Donation Thread

Post here to donate something. Make sure it’s something tangible.

We need lots of prizes. I’m hoping we can stock up a list for future contests.

Just include a way for me to contact you. You may PM me if you don’t feel like sharing information.

Prizes Donated:
[ul][li]bekka2712 has generously donated 40 dollars worth of steam games to the winner.[/li][li]Robbis_1 has generously donated a Dark Messiah Might and Magic CD Key.[/li][li]iRzilla has generously donated a gifted copy of Half-Life 2.[/li][/ul]
Prizes Won:

It may look like we have enough, but these prizes go fast so we’d greatly appreciate some donations.

I could Offer a Gamemode Review and/or a Trailer. It Isnt much but you decide if you want them

My friend (Nahrga) could probably offer a german version of modern warfare 2! (I am not joking)

I could donate a free server host for lets say … 2 months ?

20 steam game