[PRO BUILD] Servers

There are quite a few servers that have the tag [Pro Build] at the top. From a quick runthrough of a group of servers all with that tag shining through in their title, I’ve found that most “Pro Build” servers have a lot of things in common. They lack noclip, feature numerous tool restrictions, and have unreceptive or downright hostile administration.

In addition, a good group of them allow access to things like Gcombat or other destructive addons to base users or before allowing access to advanced duplicator or any given wire tool.

Personally, I find these servers unworkable at best, and downright hellacious at worst. Having stratified tools encourages the worst of the worst to stick around your server for longer periods of time. Good builders will ignore your server. People who frequent the servers end up resenting or mistreating new players.

I’d like to hear from some of the administrators who do restrict tools on their servers. I don’t think there is any reason whatsoever to limit tools of any type on a server, much less offer them as “incentives” to play on a server longer.

Probably would’ve been better off in General, but whatever. Same sort of idea, I guess.

Once again, something titled pro/awesome/etc always leads to some pile of bullshit.
I never go on servers like that :v:

(wait, I never go anywhere different than sax’s…)

And one Polish server that exists sometimes when there’s time and monies. We used to restrict Gcombat here for normal players, just because they proven that they can’t be trusted with it.

I get your point but what does this have anything to do with contraptions?

yeah, I swore I was posting this in General Chat. Oh well.

Well, this is about building servers.
On building servers, you build.
Build contraptions.

But we also have special place for general garry’s mod talking counting in that server threads. But answering your question: I’m one of admins who thinks that restricting some of tools is good. Because when you have password free server, then anybody can join. It is sad and it is true that most of players which I meet are mingebags (Polish players especially). So I put tool restriction on destructive tools for those who I don’t know. If they work hard to get my trust I promote them by giving them access to restricted tools.

Why is it always, ALWAYS, that everything that contains pro, great, amazing, cool, best, professional is bullshit?

They always think that they are fucking great too. For example, You join a server with a bunch of players. You start building on a car. And then some douchebag comes up to you and tells you that his independent suspension with spindles is better than the spindle-less one you’re using and sais that yours won’t work. And when he sees that it works, He’ll just say that his is more stable or whatever.
You’ll also see that everyone on the server is doing auto-turrets or mingebag traps.

Restricting noclip on that matter is really stupid. Would any “pro” builder build there contraptions without it? Restricting any tools on a server called pro is just stupid, Because pro’s should know how to not crash the server with the tools shouldn’t they?

Another great indication of horrible servers is restricting parenting, Having lots and lots of useless addon’s like extra npc’s or whatever and playing on flatgrass maps.

Why would a server ever host flatgrass? It’s small. It’s not optimized for many players (You can see everonyes 300-prop contraptions from the other side of the map, Yeah, you do the math).

Alot of servers with clan tags are also horrible. It’s typical to find kids screaming in their microphone and people messing with your contraptions when you join a server tagged with .-’{SuperBuildersXxX}’-. or anything similar to that.

This is a great way of knowing which players to give access to restricted tools. If they join, And leave again after 5 minutes, They are pretty much clear. Because nobody would ever try to build on a server which doesn’t allow them too. Especially when admins restrict adv. duplicator or stuff like that. Why bother building when you can’t save it?

Kp3… read posts more carefully. I said DESTRUCTIVE tools. Is Adv. Duplicator destructive? Of course it can crash server when it’s overloaded but It happens once a year. I don’t like when some minges come to my server and what they do is build 5 seconds tanks (Jeep + Gcombat Weapon) and blow everybody stuff (I don’t like to ban every 10 seconds). Gmod players are very unpredictable.

Take it like this then.
If the server restricts it, Then that’s an indication that idiots often come to that server and have abused it in the past. Therefor, I will leave and go to a server which assumes that its players aren’t idiots.


Take the advice, alot of the members on here who build good stuff come from good building servers so they know what to do.

According your ideology, I shouldn’t play on Sax’s because there are some idiots on it sometimes.

Utterly pointless. If a new player wants a weapon or entity from Gcombat, he or she only has to upload a contraption with the weapon on it.

we’ll if they have as many servers as you say, they probably have a lot of money and don’t give a fuck what anyone has to think about it >__>

New players can either be restricted from the start and earn tool usage or unrestricted and kicked/baned when they do something wrong. The trouble with the first one is that good builders that join the server don’t want to wait to get full tool usage. The second one has its drawbacks when minges join and crash the server for fun, + admins are needed almost 24/7. Some servers use vote kicking which wouldn’t be so bad if there tools were restricted upon rejoining.

Quoted for the god damn motherfucking truth.


Also I don’t get this. Why can’t we just promote a decent gaming mentality instead? Hey tell you what, we should all travel to Swiss with pitchforks and torches and kill Mamba.

I only restrict GCombat on my server because I don’t like feeling afraid that that some idiot is going to blow up half my car with some C4. Sure you can ban them, but it doesn’t solve the problem. Respected is generally easy enough to get on my server and it only comes with GCombat, nothing else. No dumb sweps, but two custom models, one for me and one for my head admin, other then that, that’s it, no stupid admin mod with tons of options for punishment. If I ever do that, it’s a gimp, and then a few minutes later, a permaban.


I’m also not naive enough to put “PRO BUILD” in my server name. It’s just called “Kybe’s GMod School of Building and Wire | WireSVN PHX3 GCombat”. I don’t see the point of putting anything else.

i sense advertising.


“school of building”