pro/we soccer game models help

Hi guys
I have no idea if what i am ging to ask for is allowed or not so my apologies if i am breaking the rules
I am here for a tool I have was made for converting face/hair any pes/we soccer games was made by konami for ps2
Note the tool is not mine.
this tool called faceviewer let you convert the .bin face/hair to .fef format then import it into blender 2.49 ony.
edit the model as we want then export it again to .fef
my problem is that I have not any other tool for converting the exported .fef to ==) .bin again to be able use it in the game again :frowning:
here some previews about tool and the model in blender
if someone wanna help me I would be very thankful and will post the tool and files for analyzing later
face viewer preview

model in blender