Probably should stay away from this...

This is not made by him, his name is kremitethefrCg spelt with a “c”
Also, there as not been a word on his thread since October 9th
I should not have to poast this because its pretty obvious but it already has 68 downloads in one hour…
who ever posted that get a life -_-

I downloaded it to check. It is just a file with all of the lua scripts for all of Kermite’s previous weapon packs with no materials, models, or sounds. No viruses, though. Scanned it to be sure.

What an idiot. Somebody delete that file!

2/10 for presentation
1/10 for Troll

Overall = GAY. :emo:

k, good
I’m just happy no computers were harmed :v:

k so im not the only one who noticed this, too bad i posted a new thread before i read this, sorry :frowning:

lol np
fast responce :stuck_out_tongue:

at least mine has the tile Kermite the frogs rifle pack is FAKE

is this someone posing to be kermit? cause the real one is making a rifle pack.

no… the FAKE one is making a rifle pack… the real one the kermitethefrog and not kermitethefrcg

is kermitethefrog making a rifle pack he should its a good ider

common people its not that hard to figure out -_-
I’m not sure if he is still making them because nothing has been happening on his thread…

Thats alor of people with messed up weapons,
I predict “OMG WTF Y WEPS R GONE” threads

The reason it prevents the other SWEPS to show up is because it has an info.txt file in it that is blank replacing the original that had all the data so the game could merge it as an addon, plain and simple ,it made the folder look like it wasnt in addon format , just find another addon.txt and copy - paste it , then open it and change the addon name to get it bak :slight_smile:

Why would someone do that? To get credit? It doesn’t make sense because the credit is still going to the real Kermite. What a creep.