probably the most odd guy does even stranger shit..

At first it was like first…

But then…

And he literaly does that every single day non stop… He doesn’t do anything else. That’s funny and creeps us out at the same time. He never talks either.

Nice pve server

I`d be doing rituals to a tree as well if it gave as much wood as he used for his base.

WTF? LOL… I have to have the server address and time of day just to check this out.

mother fucking tunak tunak tun

LMAO, this is awesome.

thats fucking hilarious, people doing rituals and shit inside rust. i hope i dont get people knocking on my rust door soon saying jesus loves you and reading me some bible shit

lol this is awesome, respect to the guy haha

I’ve been on numerous servers where this happens…just give it time before they find you as well. :smiley:

LMAO, why is he using Indian punjabi songs if it’s a ritual, the moment that damn tunak tunak came on, i lost it.

I think I’m gonna do funny shit like this. The great things you can do in this game.

He was praying to the server for the sun to come up.
Everything went bad at the end when it didn’t come up.

And he’s not stopping, lol. We’ll make more of theese i guess.

The beast :dance:

sauce wanted!!!

I’m creeped out but was laughing so hard it hurt.

My F**king stomach hurt from laughing so damn much. Good post! LMAO!

^How do you play music over your mic?


This just creeps me out lol