Probably useless to even ask

I know this is asked a lot (or posts like this) but could any experience model makers possibly make any morning musume models? I’m a big fan and I probably will get a whole bunch of hate comments (considering how almost all of Facepunch hates anything japan) Just to get it out of the way, no I don’t want them for sex posing. I just really like the band and I think it’d be cool to have a model of them.

Some pics:

I’d prefer the generation in picture 2 and if you can’t make the entire group than the specific ones I’d prefer would be

Miki Fujimoto:

Ai Takahashi:

An Ai Kago:

I know nothing about modeling just FYI and please no hating. thanks!

Would be hard to make a model from scratch and probably be used for sex poses anyways.
So I doubt this will be made.

yeah that’s what I assumed I just thought I’d give it a shot. I wouldn’t use it for sex posing but someone else probably will. Sucks, they’re a good band. Also I really don’t know how modeling works so I have no clue how anyone would do it.

Yeah well it’s a band. As far as modeling bands for Garry’s mod use (really using time), no one has ever actually done it.
Mainly because it’s only usable for making poses titled for example “This band”, “The band” and “band”.
You know?

I don’t hate Japan, I hate wapanese geeks and that’s probably how a good amount of people feel like.

well yeah by all of facepunch hates anything japan I meant that from what I’ve seen, most posts about anime/manga/ japanese shows gets swarmed with people who say it’s retarded.