Problem Compiling Map

Okay, so for the majority of the time designing this map, compiling went smooth and everything was fine, but suddenly it wont compile any more.

Basically it goes wrong at the “buildvisleafs” stage and says it can’t allocate “xxxxxx bytes”. When testing the map in game it is now permenantly in fullbright lighting mode, which really spoils the atmosphere.

Your system is running out of memory, for whatever reason. Try raising lightmap scales on large faces or freeing up more memory on your pc and not trying to use it while the map is compiling.

Ah I see, I might sound a bit stupid but, how would I adjust lightmap scales? I do have some very large flat surfaces lying around on the map.

Top right hand corner of the face edit sheet.

Try a scale of 64, see if that helps.

Okay, thanks for your help

Edit: Great! That fixed the issue first time, thankyou again for the help