Problem compiling maps in CS:GO Beta SDK

Anyone know why my compile prompt just disappears after it pops up? No errors, nothing is shown after it goes away. Only happens in CS:GO SDK, others work just fine.

It can’t be leak or other map problem, even simple rooms with walls, floor and ceiling won’t compile.

There’s a check box to make it stay there in the compile options.

Doesn’t affect it.

Go to your .vmf directory and open the mapname.log

There is no such file there.

Still having the problem, does anyone know what the hell is going on?

Try throwing it in a new .vmf

Doesn’t work, it refuses to compile anything, new or old ones vmfs. Every time the prompt just flashes on the screen, it doesn’t create logs or give errors after it.

Are you using the expert compile or normal?

Happens on both and on every setting, with/without HDR or LDR, final, default, fast.

Try reinstalling the sdk

The problem still persist after multiple reinstalls.

Nask. I know what’s wrong. It does this with me as well and I’m not sure what causes it.

A way to bypass this (and the only way I could figure out how) is to save your .vmf into the compilation directory for CS:GO. Then manually drag and drop the file onto VBSP->VVIS->VRAD in that order. It will have the same effect. Alternatively you could create a batch file to do it for you if you know how to program in batch.

Thanks, it works using that method. I just wonder why it doesn’t run it normally?