Problem Creating Ragdoll, think it's phymodel.

Uhh, well I have this model I have the reference, the phymodel, and the ragdoll .smd done, except when I compile and run in hlmv in the bones tab my bones are listed in the physics tab only the root bone is listed and when I select the bone to be highlighted it’s a sideways wireframe of his body. I check the phymodel.smd and the bones are not listed inside of it. I’m confused on how to make those bones show up there I have weighted the bones to the collision mesh and have them listed in 3ds max 2013. Thanks ahead of time. (also I don’t know if this is the right place, please don’t kill me.)

When you say you weighted the physics mesh, did you make sure every hull was weighted to a single bone and vice-verse?

uhhh, I clicked the wrench thing in 3ds max then went to every piece of skin and weighted it to a bone if that’s what your asking. haha I’m really bad at this.

If you send the ragdoll file and/or the QC, I’ll see if I can take a look at it.

Regarding what I meant: Collision joint meshes in source are usually really really low poly block-like objects called hulls. Each hull is just there to make sure the target bone or area is covered properly for collision. Each hull is only assigned to one bone and one bone only assigned to one hull (though the hull can be concave – on props anyway, not sure about playermodels). Long-story short, spawn a ragdoll in-game and type vcollide_wireframe 1 to see how it works. It’s probably better than my awful explanations.