Problem DarkRP !


… This is not DarkRP. That’s Fretta.

is ass_teams … is not fretta and help me for configure ass_Sandboxteam for darkRP plz


Up please


Plz help me for fix it for DarkRp use job

I think ass_teams would have something to do with the admin mod: ASSMod.

also; team.SetUp (7, “Server Owner”, SERVER_OWNER_COLOR)
team.SetUp (8, “Super Admin”, SUPER_ADMIN_COLOR)
team.SetUp (6, “Admin”, ADMIN_COLOR)
team.SetUp (7, “Respected”, RESPECTED_COLOR)
team.SetUp (5, “Client”, CLIENT_COLOR)
team.SetUp (5, “Previously Banned”, BANNED_COLOR)

is fretta.

Ok sorry , i have fixed this problem .

and plz you are a lua coder ? for making a cash machine roleplay please ?

It’s called a money printer, and it’s already in DarkRP.

As far as I can read, you’re trying to create your own DarkRP.

Download this:

i have a darkrp 2.4.1 and run perfectly.

Plz create for me a bank machine like perp bank machine or gtacity

Okay, so, you have created yet another thread about the exact same topic?

You know how freaking annoying that is?

You have freaking 1 thread and you stick to it. If no one replies in, what, 30 minutes, you dont go create another thread says “HELPS ME MORE PL0X”. Believe it or not, but the people here on facepunch have lifes, and do other stuff than creating stuff for people.

And the fact that you dont give a crap about grammar, poor english and then create multiple threads, makes me even more mad.