Problem disconnecting in Rust

I have no clue what the problem is, but I’ll try my best to describe it.

I can connect and play Rust just fine. But after about 6 minutes or so, the game slightly rubber bands once or twice and that’s when I “disconnect” from the game. I’ll be able to move around, run, jump. But if I try to gather resources, I won’t get anything. If i’m being chased by a zombie and I “disconnect”, the zombie will turn around and hit the air (where my body actually is). And then I’ll die even though I’m not close to anything on my screen. I usually have to refresh the page which ends up with me respawning with nothing.

Does any1 know what my problem is? Or the solution?

Go to and test your speed, sounds like connection issues.

Where do you live, and what server do you connect to?

I did the test.
14 ms, 15Mbps download, 5.18 Mbps upload.
I live on the west coast. Connected to US West

If it helps at all… It seems that this occurs exactly every 6 minutes.