Problem Displaying And Connecting To Servers

Hi, I just purchased this game about 2 days ago and the majority of those days were spent in vain trying to search and figure out why I can’t play multiplayer mode.

My problem is this. When I go into servers, it takes ages for the servers to load up and then they do appear I see about 3 at most, maybe 5, but when I connect to join to those servers I get bugged by “Could not connect to server”. Also I have someone on steam who also has this game and I can’t seem to join them either or visa versa because of the same message.

I’ve tried all kinds of things to bypass this such as forwarding ports 27015, 27020 on my router and some others recommended. Downloading srcds and trying that with no luck. Trying to use Hamachi with no luck, and constantly searching on google for answers that will fix my problem . . . with no luck.

So now I’m asking you, if anyone knows anything that might be able to help me please do share. I’ve never had any multiplayer problems with any other games I’ve used in steam.

It comes to my attention today that I believe this has been posted in the wrong section maybe? I was too drained and warned out with trying to fix my problem yesterday to notice. I apologise if this causes any inconvenience, and if it is sectioned under the wrong catagory could someone please direct it to the correct one as I don’t think I can and I’m not sure how to delete this one in order to make a new one in it’s fitting place.

Have you looked at your firewall settings? I know someone who had a problem like this and it turned out that their new antivirus software was blocking gmod and steam.

I have yes. I even turned all my firewall and protection off to see if it was that tahat was effecting it, but the problem persisted.

Can you throw us a link to your steam profile? Thanks.