Problem downloading Every time Bundles

Why is it that every time i join a server the game decides to download every single bundle again like it is the first time i am playing it? I have a couple of friends who also play this game with me that have said that the first time they played the game they slowly downloaded every bundle and every time after that it downloads them really fast. Is it supposed to be cached or something? If it is, it doesn’t work for me. It takes me really long to join the game no matter what. Before this is said, no it is not my internet causing this problem.

Wait that only happens to you. I just figured cause everyone is complaining about more important things and you’re the only person to bring up something so silly that everyone else was not getting this problem.

Come on man thats just a silly thing to come in here and make a post about. Like the Devs just WANT to make you download all the packets every time and were just waiting for you to come on the forums and make a post about it so they can go “oh damn wait why do we do that lets change it”

Allow more place in your cookies for the game, something like that.

When i put a limit on me cache it doing the samething try to remove the cache limit !

have you tried turning it off and back on?

same thing for me but it’s because i have super slow internet

I had the same problem when I first started! I found that mozilla works a lot better when it comes to loading the bundles, but chrome runs the game much smoother! Try a different browser maybe :slight_smile:

what up postal

Love the It Crowd

As soon as it hits Steam, this will no longer be an issue.

Yupp exactly what I was going to say :slight_smile:

Exactly. In the browser, any package not included in the game has to be downloaded from an external source, just like any content in a web page. And additionally, just like any content in a web page, these can be stored in a cache and pulled from there instead of redownloaded, but this cache can only hold so much and if you try to store more than that, old stuff gets deleted. Specifically, all webplayer content shares about a 50 MB cache. If more than 50 MB needs to be stored, old data is deleted.

Standalone games, however, could have all of those files bundled with it, so they don’t have to be downloaded at all (aside from when updates are released). Or even if they were downloaded on startup, Standalone games have access to a much larger, and dedicated, cache (4 GB).