Problem Downloading from

When i try to download from, I press download mirror 1 2 or 3 (Ive tried all of them) and nothing happens all it dose is say in the explorer tab is “Connecting”, i wait and wait, but still nothing happens. The strange thing is, it dosent do this to all the downloads (but it dose do it to 2/3 rds of the stuff i try to download). It just started doing this, any suggestions why?

By “explorer” you mean Internet Explorer, right?

If so, forget that shit. Get Google Chrome or something.

Well is it really worth it? I mean is google chrome actually worth my time to download and install because i hate having to do that, but if it is better than Internet Explorer than i wil get it
p.s. yes i did mean internet explorer and before i get chrome i will see what other people have to say

I use Chrome. It’s better and faster than your typical IE.

I agree.
It is fast, and it was made by google.
Where’s the down side?

It’s awesome.

It’s much, much better.

Works perfectly for me and im using IE with 2gb ram! :slight_smile:

What does RAM have to do with a website functioning correctly exactly? :raise:

Chrome is a nice browser. Much quicker than IE and scores a perfect score on the Acid3 test where as IE7 scores only about 26/100. I’d say it was worth the whole 1 minute it’d probably take to download and install.