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Sorry for my English but i’m french. I have a question for Garry’s mod … My question is :

I want to delete all the files of GMod because I had download a lot of objects and i don’t place the files in the “addons” folder but in the others files and I can’t reschearch the files, they dissapear or the name of the files was gj4q10o = it’s an exemple because it’s introuvable. And i want delete all the files for “reinstall” the game and re-play with the base’s folder. And i have an other problem : I have delete the files …/username/garrysmod and how I can resolve this problem ?!

I didn’t understand much of that.

So if I’m right, this is what happened:

  1. You wanted to delete all of your addons, but some weren’t in the addon folder so you can’t find them to delete.
  2. You decided to delete the entire garrysmod folder.
  3. You now are missing the game files.

Well the truth is, you aren’t missing the game files. The game files for Garrys Mod are stored somewhere else in your Steam folder. Simply launching Gmod from your games list gets the game files it needs from this other location and places them in the correct folder.